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Find What Regional Restrictions Have Been Applied To A YouTube Video

The internet is for everyone unless you live in the wrong part of the world in which case not all of it is for you. Copyright among many other things results in online content being restricted geographically. A very obvious example is Hulu which limits its services to the USA and understandably so. YouTube also allows users to restrict the content they upload to certain geographical areas. Sometimes these restrictions don’t make sense especially when you’re residing in the United Kingdom and can’t see a video uploaded by the BBC. That said, there are plenty of ways to circumvent these YouTube restrictions but before you go looking for a proxy tool, it would help to know which regions a YouTube video is restricted in. YouTube Region Restriction Checker is a simple tool that tells you just that.

The tool is simple to use; copy the URL of any YouTube video and paste it in the Video ID field. Click Submit and wait for the map to populate.

YouTube restriction

The countries highlighted in red indicate where a video may not be viewed from. If you aren’t very well versed with the world map, you can hover the mouse over a country to see which one it is. The country name will appear in the tool-tip or you can just skim the helpful list of Allowed countries and Disallowed countries given just below the map.  The app is accurate and can help you find the right proxy tool to use in order to view the video.

Visit YouTube Region Restriction Checker

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