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How To Search Profiles Of The People You Follow On Twitter

When I first started using Twitter, I didn’t get it. It was annoying and it took me a little time to learn to appreciate the great one-liners people shared and also the very comprehensive information and live news that people shared as they experienced events. It took time because I had to find the right people to follow. It started with news agencies, parody accounts, and then expanded to include some great people in the tech industry. Since then, every Twitter account I follow is, to me, a great find. That said, it’s hard to remember who I follow and these are people or companies I know almost only through their Twitter profiles. Here’s how you can search the profiles of people you follow on Twitter when you need to find someone quickly.

Using Twitter Search

Use Twitter’s native search feature to search your followers. Your search by default includes everything; people you follow, people you don’t follow, tweets, timelines, etc. The search feature has filters though so select ‘People’ from the left side bar and then select ‘People you follow’ from the section just below it. The results will filter out so that you only have profiles of the people you follow containing your search term.


Web Service Filta

If you don’t feel like going through the above hassle and would instead prefer something simpler, give the web service Filta a try. It’s free and you connect your Twitter account with it to search your followers. Like on Twitter, the searches you conduct can be saved to the service.


Visit Filta

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