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Send Facebook Chat Stickers From Google Chrome Using Facemoji

It has become a dire habit on Facebook’s part for announcing frequent updates for the now billion-user-strong social network, which has also recently entered the mobile arena to a certain degree. Back in March, the company announced revamped Facebook timeline and news feed interface that it started gradually pushing to users. Then earlier last month, Facebook rolled out Facebook Home, which – despite receiving some unexpected hatred from Android users – became an instant success at the Google Play Store. Followed by Home, the internet giant also released updated iOS and Android Facebook apps, bringing in some fresh changes to the table like Chat Heads, an improved interface and Stickers. Though the immensely well-received emoticon-esque Stickers option has been missing the action on the Facebook website itself. This feature allows you to send large cute emoticons to your friends in chat messages. If you want to bring the same stickers fun to the desktop, the tiny Chrome extension Facemoji can help.

Facemoji allows you to send Facebook stickers from your desktop PC to your friends, which they can receive and view both on their computers and mobile devices. Here’s how it works: Download the Google Chrome extension via the link provided at the end of the post. Then head over to the Extensions tab and click Options under Facemoji.

Facemoji Extensions

Having done that, Facemoji will take you to a login screen where you can sign in to your Facebook account after providing the required credentials. If you have already signed in to your account, simply click the Login button – no further steps required.


In order to use Facemoji icons or Stickers, open your Facebook page and click the Messages button under the Favorites bar on the left. Just refer to the screenshot below if you’re unsure about where to find the Messages button.


Now select the friend to whom you want to send the message with stickers. You will notice a minuscule heart button under the smiley icon. Click this button and bingo! You will see the newly added stickers right there, enabling you to send them to whomever you want in your friends list. The extension contains almost all the stickers that are natively available on the mobile apps, even the ones the otherwise need to be unlocked first including history, meep, bun, hatch, napoli, skullington, pusheen, mango and tigerbell.

Hamza Khalid - Messages

Clicking a sticker will automatically send it to the intended recipient, generating a sticker notification on the other side. Awesome, isn’t it?

Stickers Hamza Khalid - Messages

Facemoji is available at Chrome App Store for absolutely free. So, give it a try and let us know of your experience in the comments section below.

Download Facemoji from Chrome Web Store

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