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Silencer Hides Twitter & Facebook Updates That Might Contain Spoilers

Spoilers are terrible not just because they give away a crucial part of a book, movie, or TV series, but also because they deprive the reader/viewer of the adrenaline rush they were to experience after reading/watching something with dedication. Fortunately, you can’t just stumble across a spoiler unless you go looking for it. That is, unless you visit social media sites where people drop them thoughtlessly. To avoid spoilers on Twitter or Facebook is a challenge, but then the same is staying away from these sites for those who are active on them. Silencer is a Chrome extension for just such a purpose; it hides spoilers on Facebook and Twitter. You can add possible words that might be accompanied by spoilers such as the name of a new book that you’re reading, a movie you plan to watch, or different characters in a TV show who might die unpredictable, I-did-not-see-that-coming, violent deaths (I’m looking at you, G.R.R Martin).

Silencer comes with three sets of pre-added words that you can select to hide spoilers for upcoming events and TV series.


Naturally, those three aren’t enough for many, so you can add your own set of words. Enter them all separated by commas and then click the ‘Mute’ button.

silencer mute

Silencer doesn’t hide just the words you’ve entered; it hides the entire Tweets or status updates that contain any one of those words. While this might prevent you from seeing spoilers that go something like ‘I can’t believe so and so just did that’ or ‘I’ll miss what’s-her-name’, it has a small and rather unavoidable shortcoming: spoilers aren’t just your friends complaining about what happened to a character in the form of text updates; they also make the rounds in the form of pictures with dialog. Unless such images are accompanied by text that uses one of your muted words, you’re still likely to spoil something for yourself.

The extension is pretty good but it’s not without its bugs. It sometimes seems to forget which words you’ve muted, and it happens most often when you close the tab you have Twitter or Facebook open in. If that’s how it is supposed to work (and that is possible since there’s no way to edit the words you’ve muted and remove any of them), then the extension needs fixing. Having to add words repeatedly is not an easy way to avoid spoilers, and there should be an option to remove or edit the words you’ve added.

Download Silencer from Chrome Web Store

[via Lifehacker]


  1. Hey guys,

    I’m Zack, I’m the creator of Silencer and wanted to say thanks for writing this up! I also wanted to address the bugs you’ve pointed out.

    The bug you’re referring to is an issue with Windows that we’re currently fixing. The extension works well on Mac and Linux and will soon be 100% fixed on Windows machines.

    To remove a term, a user just needs to click the term and it will be removed for them.

    Adding words repeatedly is not a great experience, that’s not the experience I want users to have. I’d appreciate if you’d update the writeup with those notes please!

    Thanks so much,
    Zack Shapiro

    • Hey Zack, are you migrating your product to iOS, as blocking messages on my iPhone would be great and in some ways more important than on my Mac?

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