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McAfee Security Innovations Binds Your Android Devices Together To Prevent Loss

McAfee is a name that many associate with security and their famous anti-virus programs. The company doesn’t just make apps to keep your data safe and your computers malware-free. McAfee Security Innovations is an Android app that is a versatile set of security features for both your data and your device. The app has a ‘Smart Perimeter’ feature that allows you to connect multiple Android devices over Wi-Fi and should the two connected devices be separated by more than 30meters, either because you forgot your device somewhere or because it got stolen, an alarm sounds on both of them. Additionally, the screen gets locked and can only be unlocked with the four digit PIN that you set up when adding devices. Apart from this, McAfee Security Innovations has a ‘Data Vault’ that, with McAfee Security installed, lets you securely backup files. Lastly, it has a QR code scanner that checks if the link hidden in a QR code is safe or not before opening it in the browser.

To activate the Perimeter feature, tap ‘Smart Perimeter’ on the app’s home screen and activate it. This feature might not work for all devices and the app will alert you if your device isn’t compatible. All devices that you want to link must be running the McAfee Security Innovations app as well, and should be on the same Wi-Fi network. Tap and hold a device to rename or disarm it.

McAfee Security Innovations home link

Once listed, select your device and set a 4 digit PIN. This PIN is what you will enter to stop or prevent an alarm from going off should the devices be separated by more than 30 meters.

online device link PIN

When the perimeter is breached, the app starts a countdown, before the end of which you must enter your PIN. If you fail to do so, an alarm (that was possibly recorded off an ambulance) starts blaring. It’s loud enough to be heard from afar. To make it stop ringing, enter your PIN.

breach PIN

McAfee Security Innovations adds itself to the Device Administrator list, and can lock your device with your McAfee security PIN. It is a 6-digit PIN that you create when you activate the McAfee Security app, which you will have to install in addition to McAfee Security Innovations if you want to use the latter to its full potential. That shouldn’t be a worry though, since the app is free.

You’ll also need McAfee Security installed in order to use the ‘Data Vault’ feature. Once you’ve verified your account/device and set a PIN code, you can start adding files to the vault. These can be images and videos from your Gallery or any files from your entire File System. Files can be organized into folders, but can only be added one at a time, which is very disappointing.

mobile security data vault

Lastly, there’s the QR code scanner that is basically just like a normal QR scanner, with an additional security layer that checks to make sure the link isn’t malicious.

QR code

McAfee Security Innovations is great for anyone who carries more than one device and is prone to forgetting it. It’s also a decent anti-theft app but a rather limited one, since it works over Wi-Fi only.

Download McAfee Security Innovations for Android

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  1. The app screenshot says “30 feet” and you have mentioned “30 metres”. Is there an option to change the distance?

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