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Socioclip Is A Bookmark Tool For Facebook And Quora Posts [Chrome]

There’s never a lack of new things to see and read on services like Facebook. It’s a one stop shop for keeping a tab on latest trends, finding interesting stuff to read online as well as keeping up with your friends. But the problem is that, Facebook doesn’t offer a way to bookmark posts and there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it (other than hitting the signature Like button). Fret not! There’s a great Chrome extension for that called Socioclip. This outstanding free online bookmarking service for Chrome crammed into a decent interface allows you to bookmark posts from Facebook and Quora. You can also assign multiple tags to the posts so you may easily find them when required.


Getting started is pretty simple.; when you first open Socioclip by clicking its Omnibar icon, you’ll be brought to the login screen where you can sign in or create an account right here if you don’t already have one. Sign up is simple, free and only takes a few seconds, only requiring your name, email and password. Socioclip then also sends a confirmation email.


Next up, you need to open your Facebook or Quora account and start clipping things. The extension enables you to clip anything on Facebook, from any page, your friend’s profile or even the News Feed. Whenever you need to clip something, simply look for the ‘Clip It!’ button below the pertaining post and click on it.


Clicking ‘Clip It’ will bring you to the screen shown below, from where you can specify a mini description, hastags and name of the poster. Socioclip also shows a mini thumbnail of the post so you may easily remember it. After entering the above details, clicking Clip It at the bottom will save it to your Socioclip account.


All your ‘clipped’ content can be accessed from your Socioclip dashboard, which lets you preview posts as small thumbnails. You can also hover the mouse pointer over a thumbnail to open it on Facebook, edit post details, archive or delete the post. Socioclip currently enables you to clip up to 30 posts but this limitation can be overcome by hitting a Like on Socioclip’s Facebook page.


Although, it’s not a very feature-laden web app, Socioclip is a simple way of bookmarking content you find on Facebook and Quora.

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