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Sortd Gives You A List Based Interface To Organize Emails [Chrome]

We will never stop looking for new and better ways to manage our email. We have everything from folders, tags, email rules, sophisticated desktop email clients, to color coded labels and yet email is still a formidable part of everyday life. Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail is a Chrome extension that takes a rather fresh approach to email management; the lists approach. It lets you sort emails into lists and  comes with pre-added lists for ‘To-Do’, ‘Follow Up’, and ‘List 1’. Of course users can add their own lists and duly sort their emails to them. Sortd is currently in Beta however, they are accepting new users daily.

Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail will need to connect with your Gmail account in order to run and it will have access to your emails. Once installed, look for the Sortd tab along the right side of Gmail and click to open the extension’s panel. It may take a little time loading the first three or four times. In the panel, click the On switch and grant it permission to connect with your account. You can run Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail in a panel inside Gmail or you can click the full screen button to switch to a full screen mode.

sortd gmail

I personally found it easier to work with Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail in full screen. Email are dragged and dropped on to the relevant lists. To add a new list, click the little arrow at the top right and add a new one. You can switch back to Gmail’s original interface by clicking the Gmail tab at the right side of the page.



Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail doesn’t just offer lists but also helps manage your response to an email. After adding a message to a list, click it and it will open in an overlay on the page. You can mark an email as read or unread, archive it, add a tag, delete it, and add a note for the email so that it is easier for you to answer it when you get the time.

Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail


Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail is an attempt at email organization but it isn’t a reminder service that tells you to reply to an email already. It does help significantly as an organizer and also as a great way to gather thoughts that will go into answering an email by way of notes. Lists can be renamed. Additionally, you can also add a task to one of the lists by clicking the little arrow button next to a list’s name and choosing ‘Add Task’. An email can later be dragged & dropped on to a task or a note. The tasks do not have a due date so it is up to you to get to them yourself. Overall, the interface and the added features are conducive to productivity making Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail worth a try.

Install Sortd Smart Skin for Chrome


  1. it’s a very good design,but should include other thirdparty addons ,we are not only use gmail,we also use many addon together in Gmail.

  2. New upcoming release will have due dates. You are not forced to use it but if you want to assign due dates to tasks you can. Lots of important new features available in the next couple of releases so keep watching.
    (from one of the sortd developers)

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