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Turn Dates On Web Pages Into Google Calendar Events With Spot For Chrome

When browsing the web and especially its social side, we often come across several events, some of which we would really like to attend. However, it’s easy to procrastinate the task of adding such events to your calendar, ending up forgetting about them altogether. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a tool that would help you keep track of all such events by recognizing them automatically with one click, and letting you add them to your Google Calendar with another, without having to go through the hassle of manually adding any of their details? If you use Google Chrome, we’ve got just the extension for the purpose! Spot – Date Clipper for Google Calendar is a handy Chrome extension by the makers of SpotOn that can help you ensure you never forget about any interesting event that you come across online.

When you install the extension, you are taken to its welcome page that lets you start using the service by connecting your Google account with it (required for Google Calendar integration). In case you are already a SpotOn user, you can also sign in with your existing account.

Spot - Date Clipper for Google Calendar 1

Once connected, the extension will start keeping track of every event that it comes across while you browse the web. Upon finding an event on a page, the Spot’s icon will show a badge, and clicking the icon will bring up its interface, from where you can view the details of the events detected on the page. Clicking an event here lets you add it to your Google Calendar via SpotOn, and you can also manually tweak any of its automatically detected details before hitting ‘Save’.

Spot - Date Clipper for Google Calendar 2 Spot - Date Clipper for Google Calendar 3

Came across an event that you are unsure about wanting to attend, but still want to keep track of it till you make up your mind? Simply hit ‘Save to shortlist’ instead of ‘Save’, and the event will be added to your shortlist instead, which is accessible from the same popup. It shows all the events that you have shortlisted, and you can click on any of them to add it to your calendar. Similarly, the ‘Upcoming week’ section lets you see all the events that you have added for the upcoming week, and you can also view the events for the weeks ahead from here in order to keep an eye on them. For any of the upcoming events, you can hit the blue button on the right to create a self-destructing invite for it that you can share with anyone using the automatically generated link.

Spot - Date Clipper for Google Calendar 4 Spot - Date Clipper for Google Calendar 5a Spot - Date Clipper for Google Calendar 6

Spot works really great at letting you keep track of events you’d otherwise miss or forget about, and the only caveat that we found in the extension (as well as the web service behind it) was the lack of any way to remove an event you’ve added (fixed – see the update below) though you can remove any event directly from Google Calendar, of course. Both the Spot extension and the SpotOn web service are available for free at the following links.

Update: The extension now lets you delete the events you’ve added. You’ll see an X button right under the one for invites, clicking which ask you to confirm that you want to delete the said event. Deleting an event instantly removes it from both SpotOn and your Google Calendar. Kudos to the developers for their quick response and prompt action to address this issue.

Visit SpotOn Website

Install Spot – Date Clipper for Google Calendar from Chrome Web Store


  1. Thanks for the great review! We’re releasing deleting events in the next version of the extension. Also, firefox support coming soon! Stay tuned.

  2. any add-ons for firefox ? please do support other browsers for people who aren’t ready to give it all away to google and chrome….:)

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