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Ballloon: Store Articles, Images & PDFs In Dropbox Or Google Drive [Chrome]

There’s never been a lack of new things to discover on the web. But the biggest gripe is to keep up with the stuff you really want to remember. It’s so easy to discover something interesting only to forget it and never find it again. Fortunately, cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox have been helping us save content online and access it quickly and easily later on. Ballloon is a nifty little Chrome extension that aims to give you a way to easily store web links, images and PDF files to the aforementioned cloud services and find them again quickly, all without having to take up extra space on your computer.

Using Balllloon with either Dropbox or Google Drive is really simple and straightforward. When installed from Chrome Web Store, all you have to do is click Ballloon’s Omnibar icon followed by ‘Sign in with Google’ regardless of which service you want to use.

Ballloon Sign

After logging in, the next step is to sign in to supported cloud service(s). After you click on on its Omnibar icon again, you can click either Dropbox or Google Drive to enable it, after which it will ask you to authorize the application to access either accounts of course.


Past cloud integration, Ballloon also enables you to specify the target directory where you want to save the content. This can be done by clicking the Change button besides the linked account. Ballloon currently only supports Dropbox and Google Drive, but it seems support for OneDrive and Box will also be added in future updates.

Ballloon_Destination Folder

So now the most interesting part of Ballloon; saving the actual links. When you find any interesting image, link or PDF online, you can move it to your cloud storage by right-clicking on it. Simply navigate to ‘Save link to’ menu and click on the enabled service in the sub menu. That link is th4n immediately saved to the destination folder, and you can open your cloud account to access it later on.


You can even check a link’s upload status by clicking Ballloon’s icon and navigating to the Departures section.


Ballloon is an amazing service overall, which provides an easier solution to saving content to cloud storage service most of us already use.

Install Ballloon from Chrome Web Store

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