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This Search Engine Can Find Any Calvin & Hobbes Comic Based On Keyword

Calvin & Hobbes are possibly one of the most famous comic strips to run ever and easily stack up well against other popular names like the Peanuts strip. Calvin & Hobbes are of course not just limited to running in newspapers. The many strips and stories have been compiled in book form and make for great reading if you have kids. That said, if you’ve got a favorite strip from this title but can’t find it anywhere, there’s a nifty little search engine that will let you look up any strip with a simple keyword search. Not only can you read the strip from the results but you can also see if it’s ever been included in a book title.

The search engine runs a content search so any word you remember that was used in the comic strip will turn up a result. Of course it’s best to use words that are somewhat unique to the strip you’re searching for like ‘Homework’ or ‘Earth’.

Calvin & Hobbes Search Engine

The search results page features a link to the actual comic, an excerpt from the ‘script’ or the complete script i.e. the dialogue and a brief description of the script itself. There’s a link where you can read the comic and all book volumes that the strip has been included in.

Calvin & Hobbes Search Engine  Results

The results are accurate enough. The search engine searches for the exact keyword/phrase that you’ve entered. The description for a strip, while helpful for the reader in the results play absolutely no role in helping to find a strip. You have to enter a phrase that was used in the strip or a word that you remember from it. You can also enter a date in the Month/Day/Year format and the app can find the strip published on that date.

The script, since it is all text, lets you check if the comic is the right one just by reading it. Images aren’t displayed to help load the results faster but you can always click-through to the strip.

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