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This Website Logs You Out Of Everything You’re Signed In To

Kill switches are a feature made for our mobile devices since they store so much important data. In the event of a lost or stolen device, these kill switches allow us to remotely wipe our devices and protect our information from getting in the wrong  hands but it isn’t just mobile devices that have access to important information. Our browsers that we’re used to keeping in ‘Always signed in’ mode can put us at security risk if we leave our systems unattended and/or unlocked. It can also become a problem if we’re using a public system and because we just aren’t in the habit of logging out, or keeping track of the services we signed into when we start working. Meet Super Logout, a little web service with a self-explanatory name. What it does is it logs you out of all of the things, all of them (except for some reason Facebook and Twitter).

The service is linked to at the bottom. Before you click on it, be warned that once you open it, it will commence sign out and slowly, but surely, you will be signed out of all the supported services. As you’re logged out of a service, a green ‘OK’ sign appears next to the service you’ve been logged out of.

Super Logout

There’s only one problem with the service and that’s that it doesn’t support Facebook and Twitter which is odd. We almost impulsively sign into Facebook, are not in much of a habit of signing out of it, and it has all our pictures. Super Logout will take up to a minute to log you out of all services so don’t just visit the link and then close the browser window.

Visit Super Logout

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