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How To Get A Volume Mixer For Chrome Tabs

Windows has a volume mixer. It lets you control volume on a per-app basis. If you have the right audio drivers installed, you can control your system’s speakers and the headphone jack separately. You can mute or decrease the volume for a particular app or for system notifications without effecting the volume from other apps. Volume Master is a Chrome extension that gives you a similar volume mixer for Chrome tabs. You can set the volume for individual tabs in Chrome provided there’s something playing.

Volume Mixer For Chrome

Install Volume Master and open a video or sound file in Chrome. You can open a YouTube video and it will work just as well.

Select the tab playing audio. If you mute the audio, the extension will not be able to detect it. With the tab selected, click the Volume Master icon and use the volume slider to change the volume.

You can switch to a different tab once you’ve set the volume. The Volume Master icon is added to a tab after you use it to change the volume.

If you refresh a tab, Volume Master will remember the volume you set for it however, if you close a tab, duplicate it, or open it again from your browsing history, the extension will not remember the volume level you set for it.

Volume Amplifier

Volume Master doesn’t just control the volume for individual tabs. It’s also a volume amplifier. It can increase the audio well beyond the capacity of your system which can be dangerous. You can damage your hearing if you listen to music or anything else too loudly. Also, increasing the volume beyond the capacity of your system can damage your speakers beyond repair.

VLC player has a similar feature where it can increase the volume to 123%. Volume Master can increase the volume well beyond that. It can increase the volume as far as 600% of the default volume. That’s something you need to be cautious of to keep your hearing safe.


There’s no way to reset the volume of a tab. Ideally, users ought to be able to reset the volume to its default level from any tab via the extension’s icon. You can use the slider to reset the volume to 100% but again, you have to switch to a tab to change or reset its volume. Resetting the volume to 100% won’t remove the extension’s icon from the tab. When you change the volume of a tab with Volume Master, the default ‘Mute Tab’ option in Chrome no longer works.

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  1. I love this app. Just be careful, because if you increase the volume too much, it distorts the sound, and it can damage your ears and your system.

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