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Manage Torrent Downloads On The Go With uTorrent Remote For Windows Phone

Torrent clients and controllers might be fairly common on Android and iOS, but Windows Phone users haven’t been so lucky thus far. There is a general deficiency of official clients for reputed services on the platform, and torrent downloaders are no exception. However, things seem to have started changing for the better with BitTorrent finally releasing µTorrent Remote for Windows Phone. The app isn’t just a glossy official client for a big name, and is actually really useful. Using µTorrent Remote, you can remotely control just about any aspect of the PC or Mac client. The app will let you view, pause and resume downloads, view and manage your RSS feeds or start a new download from your phone so that you don’t have to wait to return to your home computer to add a new torrent to your download queue. µTorrent Remote goes as far as letting its users save photos to their phone if the torrent contains any image files.µTorrent Remote Desktop

To get started, you will have to enable remote access in the µTorrent desktop client. This can be done on any version of the application newer than µTorrent 3 for PC and µTorrent 1.5 for Mac. In order to get registered, access the Settings menu in the desktop application and navigate to the Remote tab. Check the Enable µTorrent Remote Access box. Choose any name for your computer and set a password. You will be asked to configure a security question, and once that has been done, you are through with the desktop part of things.

µTorrent Remote WP7 Home µTorrent Remote WP7 Options µTorrent Remote WP7 Filters

In the Windows Phone app, enter your username and password to access the client on your computer. Any torrents that are currently downloading content or are being seeded will appear in µTorrent Remote’s All Torrents screen in µTorrent Remote. Any changes made to this list on your computer will be mirrored almost instantaneously on the device. It is possible to change the state of any torrent in the list by hitting the icon to its left, or tinkering with the options in the bottom bar. Long-press a torrent to delete it or add it to favorites. The bar at the bottom of the main screen lists plenty of useful settings. You can sort the torrent list by applying any of the available filters. The filter list has the power to let you view only downloading torrents, stopped ones or those that are seeding.

If you come across a particularly good torrent while surfing the web on your phone’s browser, you can copy its URL to the the add torrent option of the app to add it to the desktop client’s download queue. A similar button exists for RSS feeds. µTorrent Remote has a separate menu for viewing and managing the feeds you have set up on the service.

µTorrent Remote WP7 Torrent Info µTorrent Remote WP7 Torrent Files µTorrent Remote WP7 Photos

Its torrent and feed management features alone would have been enough for µTorrent Remote to have itself pegged as a decent app, but the app comes with even more! Tapping a particular torrent file in the list will reveal an additional menu with detailed stats regarding the current download or upload. Apart from that, you can even view the list of individual files present inside the package being downloaded. Of course, most of these files are of no use on your phone, but if any of them are photos, you can download them to your device. Just select the file and hit the download button. The images will be stored in the Saved Image album of the Pictures hub.

µTorrent Remote is still in beta, so expect a few bugs. The app is available for free on the Windows Phone Store.

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