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2 Best Tools To Convert Or Encode HD Videos For Windows Phone 7

If you’ve been hanging around Windows Phone 7 device for quite a while, you may have struggled a lot to get the best video quality with Zune. Since Zune video encoder often fails to encode videos in high definition, it becomes indispensable to get a third party video encoder which can directly encode videos for Windows Phone 7 compatible phones. If you’re looking for a video encoder for your Windows Phone 7 device, you can use previously featured VidCoder or Oxelon for this very purpose. Both tools offer a wide range of Audio and Video parameters to tweak with. In this post, we will look at how to set Audio and Video parameters in both Oxelon and VidCoder for achieving best video quality on your Windows Phone 7 device


VidCoder is the best GUI alternative to HandBrake. It uses HandBrake encoding engine to convert videos within no time with best achievable quality. The usage is simple. You just have to tweak with both Audio and Video parameters a bit to encode HD videos to Windows Phone 7 device. On the main screen, select Video File. Once selected, click Settings to set audio and video parameters.

Under Picture tab, enter 800 in Width and 480 in Height input box. Now select MP4 from container list and switch to Video and select H.264 video codec from the list, and under Quality set Avg Bitrate to 1200. Now head over to Audio tab and make sure AAC audio codec is selected. To further enhance the audio quality of video, you can change the bitrate from 128 to 192. Once settings are in place, hit Save As and enter the name of preset – WP 7.

vidcoder 2

Now you wont have to set A/V parameters each time before encoding video to Windows Phone 7 device. Just select the WP 7 preset from the Encoding Preset list, specify video file to encode, and hit Encode button to begin the encoding process.


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Oxelon Media Converter

Oxelon Media Converter is another handy video conversion tool. It provides blazing fast conversion speed by using all CPU cores. Just drag the video over the File List pane and from Media Format, select MP4 (.mp4) codec. Now choose H264 and AAC from Video and Audio Codec list. Once done, manually enter 800×480 in Width x Height box, 1200 in Bitrate, and select Stereo from Channels and Bitrate 128 or higher in Audio section.

oxelon 2

After you’ve changed all the required parameters, click Conversion button to start encoding the video file. We have tried both media converters with successful results. If you have any media encoder in mind which can directly encode videos to Windows Phone 7 devices, do share it with us in comments below.

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  • WP7 GUY

    Thanks, been looking forever, I want to convert Get Smart on to my phone. 😀

  • Jaywin

    vidcoder 1.3.3 has a Windows Phone 7 preset already in it. So no need to manually configure as said in this article.