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7-PDF Website Converter Is Free Advanced Desktop HTML To PDF Converter

Want to convert a website or web page into PDF format? Chances are that you must be using PDF Printers, such as Bullzip PDF Printer, PDF24, etc to create PDF documents from HTML web pages. But the fact is that these PDF Printers are not build for such a task and cannot preserve the layout, leaving many users frustrated.

7-PDF Website Converter is a freeware which solves this problem by converting the complete layout of any HTML website or web page into PDF document in one piece. It automatically generates clickable PDF bookmarks (PDF hyperlinks) from web headings and also creates clickable PDF links from website links and navigation aids. It adds cover sheet, inserts PDF side headings, and has a book printing option (eBook mode) build-in.

Optionally, users can choose to automatically create headers with web address and page numbers, and also create site indexes from web content.

Just enter the website or web page URL, hit Convert to PDF, and you are done. You can also drag and drop URLs to automatically create PDF document from them. Before you begin, make sure you have selected some basic settings from the General Settings tab, such as Papersize and Orientation.


The Advanced Settings tab lists more advanced options which allow you to modify PDF content and the overall look and feel. Options, such as, insert table of content, enable cover page, do not print background, enable print friendly layout, generate PDF in grayscale, etc can be found here. When done with all settings, hit Save Changes to apply them. There is also an option to revert back to default settings.

PDFMyURL Settings

The Save Options tab allows one to choose the location to save the PDF document. Users can also select to open PDF file with any selected PDF viewer once the job is complete. The only other useful tabs are Network and Log, where you can enter a proxy and view history, respectively.

The developer has listed PDF outputs from both PDF Printers and 7-PDF Website Converter on his product page to demonstrate the difference it makes. The free version, however, is slightly limited, according to the developer, “Some of the programme’s advanced features, such as being able to create clickable hyperlinks in the Web PDF or indexing content, can only be used in the long-term in the Pro Version. These features, although useful, are not essential for the basic functioning of 7-PDF Website Converter and will cease to be available in the freeware version after 30 programme starts.”

It works on Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, 2008 Server, Vista, and 7; testing was done on Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download 7-PDF Website Converter

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  1. Also you should try PrinceXML, a good software dedicated to converting xml documents to pdf documents, with excellent support of CSS.

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