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7Plus – The Ultimate Windows 7 Enhancement Freeware

7Plus (written in Autohotkey) is one of those tools that will make you say,” Oh Shoot! Why didn’t Microsoft include that?”. It is a perfect improvement tool that adds features and tweaks to Windows 7, making it both easier and more seamless.

In a nutshell, it allows users to perform tasks more quickly, such as, upload files to FTP server directly from explorer with a single hotkey, navigate to your favorite folders with numpad keys, keep windows on top, and so on. You think this is nothing? See the full list of features here. The author have done an awesome job in accompanying every feature with a video.


7Plus Windows Explorer

7Plus Settings

7Plus FTP

7Plus Misc

This little yet advanced portable tool worked seamlessly on our test computer running Windows 7 32-bit. Works with 64-bit OS as well.

Download 7Plus

For more, also check out Preme for Windows 7.

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  • Daniel Rodriguez

    This is the best app ever!