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A Fast & Easy Way To Find And Delete Empty Folders On Your PC

Empty folders are apparently harmless, but their presence becomes annoying especially when you reach a dead-end in a long list of sub-folders within a directory. Moreover, if you are the organizing and obsessed-with-cleanliness type, seeing empty folders would remind you of a room full of random, useless objects scattered here and there. In such dark times, you would yearn for a simple utility to get rid of all meaningless folders in your system. On a serious note, empty folders distort focus in search results in cases where you are locating valuable data for quick retrieval. Fast Empty Folder Finder is an application for Windows that allows you to swiftly search for empty folders in a specific location or the complete disk space. In addition, it lets you ‘drag and drop’ folders and import lists (in .FEFF format) for scanning empty folders from the specified path. You can further define exclusions to refine the scope of the scanning operation. Select relevant search results and get preview and delete options within the application interface.

Fast Empty Folder Finder downloads to your system as an executable file ready to start the operation. Just drag the folders of interest over the interface to begin scanning. You can also specify single or multiple folders using the Scan Locations button, which opens a new window, giving you the option to browse for folders and add/remove entries for scanning.

FEFF Scan Location(s)

Once the scanning parameters are defined, all you need is to click the Scan Now button that quickly yields results ready to be operated upon. Remember, you can always Cancel Scan to restart and modify the specifications.

Fast Empty Folder Finder sCAN

An important improvement in this version is the capability to automatically apply an action to objects. If you want to delete all or some of the entries, go to the List menu and click a relevant Check option, which enables you to select or deselect all folders. Items can be moved either to Recycle Bin or permanently removed in one go.

FEFF Delete

A distinguishing feature of this utility is the ability to import and export lists. Although the format is specific to this application, the record can help in documenting, planning and reviewing over time.

Fast Empty Folder Finder import export

Overall, Fast Empty Folder Finder holds true to its title in being efficient and flexible for the user to remove empty folders for good. The software works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Testing was carried out on Windows 7, 64-bit edition.

Download Fast Empty Folder Finder

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