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A Quick Overview Of Windows 8 Lock Screen

lock screen 1

Inspired from Windows Phone 7 Metro UI, the Windows 8 Lock Screen is optimized for both tablets and PC users. The new Lock Screen includes two main components; the lock screen image with dynamic battery and network icons & application status message badges and login screen to enter password in order to login to Windows 8. Another noteworthy aspect of Windows Lock Screen is that it allows applications to show notification related to their different tasks and functions. The notification feature is highly configurable; you can either all supported applications to send notifications to Lock Screen or manually choose applications from App list.

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Lock Screen Features And Options

The Lock Screen related customizations can be performed from Metro Control Panel; it allows you to switch between default Lock Screen images, choose background from local directory, and select any 3rd-party application to send notifications to Lock Screen.

In order to change the default Lock Screen image and select application notifications, open Metro Control Panel from Window Start Menu and select Personalize.

control panel lockscreen

Now click Lock Screen link to view and switch between default lock screen images. When you select an image, it will quickly replace the default lock screen background. However, to choose an image from local directories, click Browse to select any image from hard drive. Under Lock screen notifications, you can choose application to display notifications. You can allow up to 6 applications to show status badge on the lock screen.

Picture Password Lock Screen

Windows 8 has been designed for both PCs and tablets. Apart from text-based lock screen options, it includes two new ways to login to Windows from touch-screen interface. These lock screen types include PIN Code login and gestures based Picture Password login.

Using the picture gesture based lock screen option, you can easily include any image to text based lock screen, which requires entering Windows Live account password, local account password, or PIN code. In order to set up a picture gesture based lock screen, open Users windows from Metro Control Panel and from main window, click Create a picture password.


create picture password

In first step, enter either Windows Live or Local account password to proceed. Once done, click Choose Picture to create a picture password.

choose the picture

Now choose image you want to set as lock screen from local location. Once selected, click OK followed by Use this Picture.

choose picture password

The next step is about creating gestures which will act as password. It lets you draw 3 gestures in any desired shape and combination, e.g, straight lines, circles, taps, etc. It’s recommended that you remember each attribute of gesture, including size, position on picture, and direction, as the combination of these attributes will become the part of picture password. Once you’ve finished drawing the gestures, draw them again on selected picture and click OK to finally setup picture password lock screen.

draw gestures

On lock screen you will see an option to login by entering picture password. Select that option and draw the correct gestures on picture to login to Windows.

gestures lock

Windows 8 Lock Screen brings the aesthetically appealing Lock Screen of Windows Phone 7 along with useful features for both PC and tablet users, such as picture password, application notification and status badge.


  1. Anyone know how to change it so that it doesn’t automatically lock the laptop after 2 minutes of inactivity. i changed everything to never in the power settings.
    also i closed the add account part of the mail app and can’t get it back


    • what did you mean? do you mean you do not have any control panel in metro?
      you must go to metro style, then click on search, on the right panel select App and then in the left side choose control panel, i hope this help you even i know you solved your problem since 4 month ago 🙂

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