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A Video Manager – Track And Manage YouTube, Hulu, DVD, And Other Videos

AVM(A Video Manager) is a free opensource tool that lets you manage and keep track of videos that are either in your local computer or online. In short, you can keep track of both offline and online videos together. It is currently in Beta 2. You can add any video file from your computer and it will save it in a simple-to-use list where you can access it later. Another great feature is that you can add Youtube or Hulu videos and later watch them in a web player.

It is dead-simple to use, just run the program and create a new group.  In the screenshot below you can see that I have created four different groups.

a video manager main window 2

Select the group where you would like to add the videos and click New Video button. A new window will open where you can select to add a single video file, a YouTube video, Hulu video, or a DVD.

add a new video file to manage

To add a YouTube video, enter the link and click Test. After the testing is complete, it will add the Name automatically.

adding youtube video

Click Add to add it to the list or you can click Play to watch the video(preview it before adding). Below is the screenshot of the web player.

youtube video in web player To add multiple videos inside a folder, click Import, select the group where you would like to add the videos, browse the folder, select the pattern and click Add.

a vide manager - importer

Overall it is a great tool for managing multiple types of videos both offline and online, a must-have for people who want to keep track of all their videos. Enjoy!

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