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Snippets Plugin For Notepad++ Adds Code Snippets In Source Code Files

Using off-the-shelf components is one of the best methods of applying agile software development technique on application development projects. Coding application modules from the scratch is not recommended when you have access to modules which perform somewhat similar functions that you want in your application. Code snippets boosts the application development in plentiful of ways; you can create code snippets which perform some basic functions, so they can be easily imported to required modules of applications to include the required functionality. If you use Notepad++ to create and edit source files of your application/web development projects, Snippets may help you quickly insert most commonly used code snippets.

Snippets is an add-in for Notepad++ which includes snippets for W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Doctypes, including, HTML Strict, XHTML Transitional, XHTML Frameset, MathML, SVG, etc., CSS tags, CSS tags and values, HTML Characters, HTML Tags, and Greek Characters.  You can either install Snippets plugin from Notepad++ native Plugin Manager or move Snippets plugin DLL and NppSnippets.sqlite files to Notepad++ Plugins and Plugins/Config folders, respectively.


With Snippets installed, you don’t have to, for instance, manually insert HTML special characters, like superscript, degree, currency values, ligatures or specify HTML Tags, such as, unordered list (<ul>), form button, submit, text Area, ASP and JavaScript scripts while creating HTML pages. Just enable it from Plugins –> Snippets menu to quickly add code snippets in your HTML document.


The Snippets pane has a drop-down menu at the top which lets you switch between snippet categories, including CSS2 Tags and Values, HTML Tags and Characters, W3C DocTypes, etc.


When you want to insert a snippet into your current document, place the insert cursor where you want to insert snippet, choose snippet category followed by snippet from category list. It will immediately add code snippet into the document. In screenshot below, you can see an unordered list HTML tag structure that is imported from HTML Tags snippets library.

snippets npp

Likewise, you can add CSS styles in your HTML stylesheet document from CSS Tags, and CSS Tags and Values categories without having to manually enter the code for required styles.

css tag

Snippets is an open source plugin that works with all version of Notepad++. Testing was done on Notepad 5.9.3.

Download Snippets


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