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Add Jumplists To Applications That Don’t Support It [Windows 7]

There are many programs that are compatible with Windows 7 but do not support Jumplist feature. We tend to use these programs to quickly access files, programs and many of their features, so now there is an excellent tool that will allow you to add Jumplist feature to any program(s) of your choice.Jumplist Extender is an application developed specifically for Windows 7 to quickly add Jumplist feature to programs that don’t support it. Using it is rather simple, after you run the program, you will be asked to choose between three options “Start a new jumplist”, “Open a previously saved jumplist”, and “Import a saved jumplist pack”. To add the function to any program’s Jumplist, click Start a new Jumplist, select the program and click “Open”.

You can add tasks in the program’s Jumplist by clicking Add (+) button, as well as for creating new file/folder shortcuts, new category or separator. After crating a new task, you must save it from the File menu.

Since it comes with a built-in AutoHotKey, settings up shortcuts is fairly easy. Opening the file menu and creating a new file are equally simple. You can also import and export your jumplist settings in case you want to share your creations with others.

This application is developed for Windows 7, the only OS from Microsoft that supports Jumplist.

Download Jumplist Extender

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