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Add Power To Your Text-Related Tasks To Increase Productivity

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to increase your productivity. While the mouse pointer and GUI interaction make life easier for casual uses, nothing can beat the speed and power of performing tasks with the keyboard, not to mention that it looks more impressive too. This speed can benefit in text entry/editing tasks as well, and this is where TriX can help you achieve this.

TriX is a productivity tool that allows a user to perform many simple text-related tasks with keystrokes.

Trix Settings

TriX lets you format text, change case, perform web search, export data/documents, extract data, lock the system, put it to sleep, and various other options just with key combinations or single-clicks through its command menus.

For example, if your want to search a particular text string on Google, highlight the string and with TriX running, press Ctrl + Shift + G to launch Google in the default browser and see the search results.

By default, the Ctrl + ` keys would bring up the command list, where you can perform certain commands just by clicking them, as well as view the entire list of what TriX is capable of.

Trix Commands

TriX is portable, and very lightweight, weighing in at around 700KB only. It works on all versions of Windows. We only tested it on Windows 7 x86 OS.

Download TriX

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