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Add Programs To Desktop Right-Click Context Menu In Windows 7/Vista

Do you want to add a shortcut to a file/program, directory, or a script on the desktop right-click context menu for faster access? SmartClick is a dead-simple tool that does the job without users having to mess up the registry.

All you have to do is select the type of shortcut, click the Icon box to add graphic icons, hit Browse to select the patch of the program, and finally hit Enable to add it to the context menu.

Note: Backup your registry before using this program. To do so, hit Backup button given in the program. To reset the context menu, hit Reset The Menu button given in the program.


In the screenshot below you can see Firefox added to the desktop right-click context menu.

Firefox context menu

Now users don’t need to manually tweak the Windows Registry. Save yourself some time and headache with this tool.

Download SmartClick

It works on Windows Vista and Windows 7. For more? You will also be interested in removing useless programs from context menu. Enjoy!

via AskVG

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  • great app thank u for sharing

  • Tima

    Great find man! Now I’m going to experiment with SmartClick. Thanks.