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How To Add A System Wide Equalizer To Windows 10

An equalizer is a fairly standard feature on a music player. iTunes has one, and so does Groove. Music players need equalizers because they play all genres of music and audiophiles want their music to sound as good as it can. You won’t find an equalizer on video players unless they double as audio players e.g. VLC player. If you need an equalizer for your videos, you can add a system wide equalizer to Windows 10 with a free app called Equalizer APO.

Equalizer APO can change the audio output levels for various audio devices paired/connected to your system. This includes Bluetooth audio devices as well as your built-in speakers.

System Wide Equalizer

Download and install Equalizer APO. Pay close attention during installation as the app asks you to select which devices you want to use the equalizer with. You don’t need to have all device connected however, they must at least be paired. If you want to use Equalizer APO with a pair of wired headphones, you need to have connected them to your system at least once.

The wired headphones will either appear as a separate device, or they will be treated as an internal audio devices. This really depends on your system and sound card. To check how your wired headphones are recognized, connect them and check what device name appears in the sound dropdown from the system tray.

You will need to restart your system to complete installation. After the restart, open the app. It appears as Configuration Editor in the Start Menu apps list.

You can start playing with the frequency levels and the change will be reflected in any audio that you’re playing. You can create different sound profiles for different audio devices. You can delete the presets and create new profiles.

If the audio output from a pair of speakers or headphones is odd, you can use this app to fix it.  You don’t necessarily have to create a new, custom profile because that’s slightly complicated and the app isn’t the most intuitive to use if you don’t already have a knack for figuring this kind of stuff out.

You should just change the current presets and apply them to a device, and save the change.

Equalizer APO doesn’t just work with audio output devices but also with input devices i.e., mics. Again, configuring it is a bit complicated so stick to presets if your needs are basic. You can use the app to increase the base volume of your audio devices but be careful you do not damage them by setting the volume too loud.

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