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Add Vista Breadcrumbs Navigation Address Bar In Windows XP

Do you like the Breadcrumbs address bar in Windows Vista? The usability of breadcrumbs navigation is better than the old classic form of navigation. If you don’t want to install Vista because you have a low-spec computer, you can add the breadcrumbs navigation in Windows XP.

QTAddressBar is an awesome application that adds the full Vista breadcrumbs navigation address bar in Windows XP. It is small zip file and does not take much memory resources to run.

After you have installed this application, log off your Computer and sign in again. Now right-click on the free space next to Navigation buttons and select QT Breadcrumbs Address Bar.

breadcrumbs navigation

Now you will see Breadcrumbs address bar next to the classic address bar. Now you can replace the classic address bar with the breadcrumbs address bar by customizing the looks. Go to View > Toobars and uncheck Address bar. Also uncheck Lock The Toolbars option from the Toolbars list. It should look like this(see screenshot).


Now drag the Breadcrumbs address bar below the navigation buttons.

drag addressbar

It should now look like this.

qt breadcrumbs address bar

That’s it. Now you can navigate faster than before, clicking the arrows will help you find files and folders in that directory.

vista address bar


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