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Advance IP Scanner Now Scans Multiple IP Ranges And Performs Wake-On-LAN Tasks

When network administrators are in a situation when they want to get an overview of all clients in order to view diverse information, such as, MAC address, server connection up time, shared resources, etc, scanning nodes connected over network for IPs comes handy. One important feature, system admins look for in IP tools, is Wake-On-LAN which is responsible for controlling different functions of clients from remote location, such as, system wake-up and shutdown. Advance IP Scanner, which has been famous among power users, now offers Wake-On-LAN feature along with many other improvements for accessing HTTPS, HTTP, FTP with option to view shared resources of connected systems in latest version – 2.0.

Since it’s one of the best tool around that can quickly scan through the multiple IP ranges, you can view, list down and control all the connected systems.  Along with wide range of connections, it also enable users to scan systems for fetching full information about the network through ARP (Address Resolution Protocol).

The main interface is designed keeping beginners in mind whilst it allows advance users to tweak with configurations to get extra information about their network. Before scanning the network, it’s required to define the range(es) of IPs which are to be searched through the network.

Wake-Up-LAN along with options to scan subnets of C class and current systems are lined up on the toolbar. All that is needed is to select the system from the list to either shutdown or wake it up from sleep to perform a task.

Advanced IP Scanner 1

From right-click menu, you can explore the shared resources, copy current status, Name, IP, MAC address to clipboard, add system to favorites, perform Wake-On-LAN operation and system shutdown. You can expand any listed system to view all the underlying components.

Scanning can be initiated by defining new IP range(es). From Options window, you can set scanning speed which is directly proportional to accuracy of network components and inversely related with system resource usage. Along with changing precision level, it allows user to toggle network resources specific information which will be scanned.


You can watch the demonstration video below.

Being a robust IP scanner, administrators managing small scale network should should consider giving it a try. It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download Advance IP Scanner

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