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Advanced File System Management Toolkit FlexTK Express

FlexTK Express is a toolkit developed to perform the most important operations and functions which are related with file management. It packages features like; searching and classifying files, scanning file system, file organizing and data migration, file/folder synchronization, analyzing storage utilization, and fault-tolerant copying of large files. The user-defined commands help execute any available function in the way user wants, allowing complete flexibility.

All these features and tools are present right up front on the main interface. The application requires no special guidance or knowledge, as usage is pretty simple and straightforward. The left sidebar acts as a navigator while the main window acts as a file explorer.

FlexTk Express

All the tools comes with the advanced options, for instance, synchronization needs only source and target files to begin syncing, alongside, advance synchronization options are available to choose modes, specify process threads, performance mode, exclude directories, etc.

Advance Synchronization Options
Disk Space Analysis Utility
Disk Cleanup Tool
file duplication1
Finding Duplicate Files

All the tasks (finished/un-finished) and their details can be accessed from Tools-> Manage Tasks. It displays the status of the tasks while letting you continue, stop, and view the task.

view task

Lastly, user-defined commands enable you to add all the tools in any desired fashion to use them according to your needs. So in that way, you wont need to configure the tool over and over again, it will offer all pre-configurations aligning with user’s needs.

User-Defined Commands

It is must noted here that not all the advance options are available with the Free (Express) version. Since the express version has ample features to wholly satisfy an average user, it is worth trying out.

It runs on all versions of Windows starting from 2000, testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download FlexTK Express

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