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Letterpress – Advanced Windows Notepad Replacement Text Editor With Declarative Customization

Text editors come in more than packs of dozens, such is their abundance. Along with the many commercial offerings, free software are also available in huge numbers. Letterpress is an open source offering that covers not only basic text editing functions but also brings many advanced features like file comparison, HTML and PHP support, mathematical operators, and much more.


Letterpress is as simple as it can get. You get a text entry area, a handful of menus and that’s it. A notification bar at the bottom of screen shows line and column information, encoding, tabs information, etc. All the options are found under the various menus.

The format menu let you control elements of Whitespaces, Word Wrap, Modes, and let you choose font and colors among various other options. Also possible is to customize options like Word Wrapping, and choose to show/hide whitespaces, align with margins etc.


The most powerful options come from the Tools menu, where you can add macro support, use workshop to launch grammar forge, theme designer etc, compare files, perform HTML and PHP operations and more. Letterpress offers a lot under the hood, and almost any kind of user can take out of it as much as they want.


Finally, please note that the software is in beta, so bugs can be expected. It works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Letterpress

Note: When downloading, please make sure to download the letterpress executable and not the src.7z file, as this is only the source code.

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  • Wanda Sloan

    30 Megabytes? For a text editor? Does it record TV programs and make coffee, too?

  • Gab

    I advice to test Notepad2, which is for me, and by far, the best Notepad replacement