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AirFM – Desktop Internet Radio Stations Player

AirFM is a beautiful Adobe Air app that contains around 200 radio stations from all around the world. It has a simple yet eye-candy interface with three main tabs on top, Radio Stations, Radio Player, and Favorites.

Once you start, click Radio stations tab, select any one of the neatly listed categories, and then play the desired radio station. You can also favorite any radio station and they will be added under Favorites tab.


AirFM Radios

The Radio Player allows you to increase/decrease volume and switch between next and previous radio stations.

radio player desktop

At the moment it is in beta and the developer is adding one more feature before releasing the first version to the public. The new feature will be able to tell the total time spend on each radio station. If you want any additional features, don’t hesitate to contact the developer.

Download AirFM

Since it is build on Adobe Air it is a cross-platform tool, i.e, it works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Enjoy!

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