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ALmoviesRenamer: Automatically Rename Movie Files, Adding Relevant Info By Predefined Rules

One thing’s common among movie buffs, they want their movie collection to look sleek – containing every little detail about their favorite films, for instance, its original title, year of release, director name etc. ALmoviesRenamer is an open-source tool that helps in this regard by adding user-specified, movie-related information to the movies’ filenames. This helps users in removing unwanted characters from the name, and improving search efficiency in your movie collection folder.

All you need is to add a movie file to the application, and it will automatically search relevant information from different online sources. It also enables you to rename the file according to your defined Renaming Rules, which include movie Title, Original title, Year (release), Duration, Director, Language and more. You can even add or remove the renaming rules as you like. Have a bunch of different movies in your collection and want to rename all of them at once? Worry not, as the tool also supports renaming movie files in batch.

The application offers a simple and minimalistic interface. The menu bar contains Movies and Program buttons, while the quick access bar holds Add movies, Remove selected movies from list, Change renaming rules and Rename movies options.

Innitial Launch

The process of renaming the movie file(s) is quite easy. Click Add movies on the quick access bar (or Movies > Add movies on the menu bar) and select your source file(s). Once selected. the application will automatically begin searching correct movie titles for the selected file(s).

When the search is complete, it will present all the available information about the film including Title, Original Title, Year, Duration etc, but if you think that this information is not correct, select the movie and click the Change it… button to look for some additional available alternatives. Alternatively,  you can use the Search function to manually add the name of the movie you want to search from supported online movie databases.

You may also use the Renaming rule window (which I stated earlier) to set a few different parameters regarding the renaming scheme. Along with adding or removing certain attributes, you can also click and drag them left or right, in order to make which attribute to appear first and so on.

Renaming rule

Click Program > Preferences on the menu bar to open up the Preferences console. Here, you can alter the Representation of some attributes. It also lets you change appearance for Duration, Language and Words separator attributes.


After you are done setting your preferred configurations, simply click Rename movies on the quick access bar, and bingo! You have just finished renaming your files, successfully.


During testing, the tool worked most of the time, however on certain occasions it took a great deal of time to search for the correct title. We hope this will be sorted out in the next updates. It’s available for Windows and Linux operating systems. The Windows variant works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download ALmoviesRenamer

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