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AltaPixShare Is A Photo Resizer, Styler & Sharing App For Windows With A Great UI

They say sharing is caring. Sharing photos with your folks is probably the best way to rekindle old and good memories. Due to the advancements in technologies such the high availability of home and mobile broadband internet access, along with various image sharing websites and services, the process of sharing photos with others has become much more easier than it was a few years ago. Though at places where you don’t have access to high speed internet, for instance a trip to the countryside, it can be a bit hard to instantly share your high resolution photos, especially if they are fairly large in size. The best way would be to resize the images to a smaller size before you send them to others. If you require to instantly do that, AltaPixShare has an answer. This lightweight Windows app streamlines and unifies the processes of photo resizing and sharing, and even lets you apply a few filters to them in the process.

The app basically allows you to resize and share the photos from a single interface, making sharing photos on IM services, photo sharing websites, email, and other similar file transfer mediums a breeze. You just have to drag and drop the images from AltaPixShare into the required service such as Skype, and you’re done!

To get started, load the images that need to be resized and shared by clicking the Open button. Afterwards, select the output resolution of photos among full, medium and small. You can also spruce up the images by applying a few photo effects like black & white, sepia, lomography, popart etc. Next, just drag the image to the required window via ‘Drag from here to target app’ button. Alternatively, you can also store images to your local drive by clicking Save. The application allows you to send or store multiple images in a batch as well.


You can also add three different Geometric Effects to the images by clicking the G.Effects button on the toolbar. Along with adding the effects, which include Bloat, Fisheye and Twirl, it’s also possible to adjust their intensity. In addition, the application enables you to zoom in and out of the the image preview. If you require to add new images from scratch, simply click the Clear list button to remove existing images from the list.


AltaPixShare is Windows application and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions are supported.

Download AltaPixShare

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