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An Introduction To Office Backstage In Microsoft Office 2010

There are a lots of enhanced features that have been added to Microsoft’s Office 2010 which make its interface more user-friendly. Office Button is a nice addition and provides features that you will definitely need to use while editing your documents. It not only provides a very fancy menu, but also helps you manage your open documents, presentations, or spreadsheets at a much greater level.

Lets explore it more, you will find it located in the left most corner as shown in following screenshot.


Now click the drop down button and you will be able to see a long list of commonly used options that you can use to easily manage your Office 2010 tasks.

office-buttonThere is a list of Recent documents and also options to Open and Save documents. Along with these basic features, you can use Print option to print your document, spreadsheet, or presentation.


Share option lets you share your files over internet or publish it as a blog entry, etc. Following screenshot shows list of available option under Share category.


The Word option provides you product information along with other options like setting up your preferences, changing the product key, checking for the latest product updates, etc.


Following screenshot shows how it looks in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.


Overall, the Office button is a nice addition to the Office 2010 suit since it gives users access to the most basic options. Enjoy!


  1. What a great preview! For more resources, check out the Office Facebook page! There are tons of helpful resources to help you use all the robust features of your Office programs. If you have any more questions, post them to the Wall and get help directly from Microsoft!


    MSFT Office Outreach Team

  2. What you’re calling an addition to Office 2010 is not the Office button. It was there in 2007 as well. But clicking the button now opens up Office Backstage, that you’ve shown in the 5 screenshots.

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