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Analyze/Manage Processes, Auto Start Items, And System Modules In Windows

Do you want to manage the auto start items, the default manager in Windows which we have covered here is not enough. Recently, I needed to remove various startup entries that were not even listed in System Configuration Startup tab. When you uninstall a software, most of it’s system files are not removed, so how would you remove them? In most cases if you find a weird process consuming too much memory, how would you analyze it?

Runscanner is a free portable tool for Windows that solves all such problems. It is a free startup and hijack analyzer that searches in more than 100 start/hijack locations. To begin, run the tool and click Scan Computer.

Note: Runscanner is a powerful system tool. You must know the basic understanding of how the Windows operating system work before using this tool. Deleting the wrong entry can lead to possible system crash or your Windows getting corrupt.

runscanner freeware main

Once the scan has ended, you will find all running processes under Extra Stuff. To find more about the process, right-click it and select the source where you would like to find more information about it. You can also upload the file to VirusTotal online where it will be scanned for free.

Process Details - Runscanner

To kill a process or to delete it permanently, go to the Process Killer tab and right-click the process, all options will be given there. It also lets you rename the process and delete it after reboot.

kill and delete the process in windows

All changes made using this tool is saved in History/Backups tab, where you can review the deleted events and also restore accidentally deleted events.

history - backup - runscanner

All Programs that have hijacked your system and are unsigned by Microsoft will be shown under Malware Hunting and under Unrated Items tab.

Note: Not all programs that hijack your system are malware. Some programs need to hijack your system in order to run. Remove only those hijack programs that you suspect to be dangerous.

runscanner hijack malware

Once you mark an entry it is displayed under Item Fixer tab. Click Fix Selected Items under this tab to fix them instantly.

runscanner fix delete items

To see all Windows loaded modules, click the Loaded modules tab. Overall, it is a powerful portable tool for advanced users who wants to fix their computer by removing junk malware and processes. It works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. For more, also check out LockHunter. Enjoy!

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