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Easily Password-Protect & Hide Folders Without Installing An App

Keep your computer locked when not in use and chances are unlikely that someone’s gonna tinker with your confidential data. But one can’t be too careful, and may end up leaving an unlocked computer unattended at times, especially when it’s a shared computer used by different family members. In such cases, application that let you lock specific folders can come handy? When it comes to finding a good application for the purpose, portability is often an attribute users seek, especially for locking folders on their thumb drives. Anvide Lock Folder is a portable Windows application built for that very purpose. It allows you to hide or lock multiple folders via a master password. You can use it on your hard disk, or place its tiny executable on a USB flash storage and slip it into your pocket for keeping your files secure on the go. From its intuitive UI to its easily understandable set of options, the tool keeps things dead simple.

Anvide Lock Folder is a multilingual application with support for four languages. You can choose your desired language upon first launch of the app. Simply select the appropriate flag and hit the tick button below.

Anvide Lock Folder_Language

You’re then presented with Anvide’s main application interface, which carries a set of buttons on top, and your locked folders list below, which is empty by default. To use the app, the first things you’ll need to do is selecting the folders that you want to protect. To do that, click the + button at the top and add the folder of your choice to the list. You can add multiple folders in a similar fashion. Once ready, click the Lock button on the toolbar to hide all the directories in the list. Likewise, you can click the unlock button to unhide or unprotect all the folders in the list. If you want to protect only one folder, simply highlight that item from the list and click Lock.

Anvide Lock Folder

But how good a folder locker will be without password protection? Worry not; Anvide lets you specify a master password for the app so that no one but you are able to access, lock and unlock folders. To specify the password, click the wrench button on the toolbar to open Options, and go to the Security tab. Once there, enter your desired password, confirm it, and click the tick button. The Options window also carries some additional configurable parameters under Basic settings and Language tabs.

Anvide Lock Folder_Options

Another interesting bit is the ability to customize the app’s appearance. It comes packaged with three custom skin packs, and I found the Dark skin particularly elegant from the trio. In addition, you can toggle Windows Aero and Animation effects, status bar etc., as well as adjust color and contrast intensity of the selected skin.

Anvide Lock Folder_Appearance

Although not the very advanced tool of its kind, Anvide is a simple and highly useful app with some nifty features to protect your confidential files. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Anvide Lock Folder


    • I checked the site late last night, and at that time I got the anti-virus message. I checked this morning, and my anti-virus indicated that the site and download was okay. I can’t explain it.

  1. BEWARE! Site is in Russian. I happened to click on a download link, and my Norton antivirus prevented an intrusion attempt (Ransomlock website).

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