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Apple Magic Trackpad Control Panel Adds Trackpad Properties In Windows 7

Editor’s Note: Apple Magic Trackpad is a wonderful device that is only restricted to Mac OS X. If you plan on using it on Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), you will have to follow the long hectic process of downloading and extracting Bootcamp patch, finding and renaming Trackpad Bin file to .exe format and finally installing the driver. Rather than following this difficult process, we have hosted the Trackpad Windows drivers for you at the bottom of the post.

Now that you have Apple Magic Trackpad running on Windows 7, you will be disappointed to know that the default Mouse properties is almost useless. In short, you cannot customize the speed or gestures of trackpad in Windows. This is where Magic Trackpad Control Panel comes in. It is a brilliant tool that allows you to set the tracking speed, double-click speed, and scrolling speed of the trackpad, and can be used to change both one finger and two finger gestures.

Magic Trackpad Control Panel

Under One Finger Gestures, you will find options to enable/disable Tap to Click, Dragging, Drag Lock, and Secondary Click. You can choose Bottom Right Corner or Bottom Left Corner position for Secondary Click. Under Two Finger Gestures, you will find options to enable/disable Scroll and Secondary Tab.

Magic Trackpad of AddictiveTips

To start using Magic Trackpad Control Panel, first download the controlpanel1.zip file from the developer’s page and extract it. When done, open padset-0.3.exe file and then finally open the Trackpad Control Panel file in the same folder. It will launch the Magic Trackpad Control Center. When closed, it will sit in the system tray and can also be launched at system startup, with or without being minimized.

We have tested every option of this app successfully on Windows 7 64-bit OS, so we can confirm it to be working. If you face any issue, do let us know in the comments.

Download Apple Magic Trackpad Driver (32-bit)

Download Apple Magic Trackpad Driver (64-bit)

Download Magic Trackpad Control Panel

To use Apple Magic Mouse on Windows 7, read this post.

[via IntoWindows]


  1. I read this article, went out and bought one, and it works great, thanks!  I do notice one thing that takes longer than I would expect is the dragging to kick in.  It seems like it waits 500ms for your second WM_TOUCH up event (if you are tapping to click) and only when that times out does it decide you are dragging.  If I begin dragging after the second WM_TOUCH down event it doesn’t bother realizing the user wants to drag.  This is most apparent when selecting text on a web page for example.

    So I’m not sure if that is from the Windows 7 side, the Apple Magic Trackpad driver, or the Trackpad Control Panel.  Also, and this is a gripe with Windows 7 more than anything, is that it doesn’t have as robust multitouch support built into the OS as OSX, e.g. it doesn’t support three finger swipe, four finger swipe to switch apps, that sort of thing.  I’m actually thinking about writing a new control panel to add this support if people would be interested in it.  Thoughts?

    • Hello, yes I would really like the three fingers and four fingers Swipe. I’m wondering if this trackpad in Windows is comparable to a MacBook trackpad.

  2. First off: Thank you so so much for the control pad!

    It’s awesome! I love using the magic trackpad on my PC. I’m on Windows 7 and have very few problems.

    I have one important question:

    Is there a way to increase the double click speed beyond what is the ‘maximum’ setting on the control panel? The maximum is still considerably slower than what I need my double click to be and I’m having a lot of accidental dragging issues because my single clicks are being misinterpreted as double clicks.

    i don’t mind light hacking. If you could give me some direction on this, it would dramatically improve my computing experience. Thanks!

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