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G-calize – Color Code Days Of The Week In Google Calendar [Chrome]

Google Calendar is one the most frequently used web apps for keeping track of daily appointments and events but the interface does break away from what you’re used with normal wall or tabletop calendars i.e. weekends are usually coded in Red as are other important days. G-calize is a Chrome extension that not only lets you set a font and background color for weekends, but for weekdays in general. The extension lets you specify a font and background color for the Today, Sunday, Saturday and Ordinary (weekday) cells.

The extension installs as an icon in the URL bar, (icon is a cross between the Google Calendar icon and a spectrum). Click the icon to open the extension’s options and customize the color for different days.

The extension lets you set a specific font and background color for all Sundays, Saturdays, Weekdays and the current day. What it doesn’t do is let you color code cells individually, they must always be grouped in one of the above three days. The extension also has a feature to select which day the week should start with, however, it just messes up which days are recognized as weekends as opposed to actually changing the calendar view so that Monday is the first day of the week.

To change the background and font color for either of the specified days; select the dropdown color palette and select colors accordingly. Click Save to apply the changes. If you have Google Calendar open in the same window as the extension’s options, it will refresh and apply the settings when you hit save. If you have it open in a different window, you will have to manually refresh the page.

Settings G-calize

Changes are reflected immediately on Google Calendar. Your customized view should make it easier to identify the weekends. Changes only apply to cells and not to the header row. Changes apply across all types of calendar views.


Install G-calize Extension For Chrome


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