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Apply Analytical Expressions To Analyze Log Files With MaaS360 Log Viewer

Generally, all applications save errors, exceptions and other coded issues in a log file, so users can review the problems. Log file is a simple text file which is responsible for holding all the unknown and known issues which might erupt while running the application or executing a specific function of it.

Many power users, who like to delve deep into log files find it tiring to manually search through the log file to view and analyze one specific event. Therefore, notepad should be replaced by a powerful and dedicated log viewer which, while offering all the essential tools to edit logs, provides options to apply analytical expressions to quickly find and analyze the events. One such tool is MaaS Log Viewer. It is written specifically to view and analyze log files of almost all the formats with facilities to apply regular and analytical expressions to make events reviewing easier for you.

The application offers a nicely designed interface with navigation bar at left side to open and manage multiple log files. To begin, you need to click Open on toolbar to add log files init. Once added, select the log file which you want to analyze. it will open it in main window with line number column to quickly find specific logged event. Highlighting specific expressions, values, and events is easy. Just select highlight card-imaged button next to reload button to enter strings to highlight. Here, you can also enable regular expression option to search and highlight specific type of strings.

You can associate different colors with strings to highlight by allocating different foreground and background colors and make highlighted strings bold.  The highlighted strings query can be exported anytime, so that you can import it back to highlight same set of keywords in any other log file for comparison purposes.

logviewer 1

If you’re dealing with log file with inappropriate text formation, you can change the text to columns by specifying delimiters; Tab, Comma, Semi Colon, Space, or any other. Apart from converting text to columns by using delimiters, you can specify fixed length character after which text will be converted into a column.

convert text column

One of the most noteworthy feature it offers is of analyzing log files according to event name and date/time stamps. From Analysis menu, click Configure Log Analyzer. It will ask you to enter the name of the event which is to be analyzed. Under Event Name, enter Filter/Search Expression if required. Now save the settings and from the Analysis window, click Analyze Logs to specify date and time stamps for specified events. Once done, just click Finish to view the report on the main interface.


MaasS 360 Log Viewer has certainly proved to be powerful in analyzing and handling multiple log files. Nevertheless, during testing we faced some lags while processing big log files. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download MaaS 360 Log Viewer

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