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Audacity 2.0 Update Brings Lots Of Bug Fixes & New Features

Finding the right tool from so many audio editors in the market that exactly matches your needs is a difficult job. There are a lot of tools out there that can perform simple editing tasks, such as converting audio files into different formats, splitting them, or just cutting a part out of the complete song or recorded audio. However, if you want to perform advanced audio editing, most people have to use paid software. Audacity is a widely popular open source free audio editing and recording program that matches in functionality to a lot of paid audio editing applications. Recently, the developers of Audacity have released an update, Audacity 2.0. In this article, we will have a look at the major changes in the application.

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The have been some very important bug fixes, as well as new features included in Audacity 2.0. Some of the bug fixes for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux are:

  • Labels now accept the lower case “z”
  • Pressing Stop after recording will not cause a crash now (Windows)
  • Fixed hotkeys interfering while typing in file open or save windows (Mac OS X)
  • Now fully supports Unicode (Mac OS X)
  • Playing tracks during recording in mono sometimes caused recordings to be distorted or low pitched (Linux)

Audacity 2.0 features a ton of new enhancements. Some of the major ones are as follows:

  • Many effects, including Equalization, Noise Removal and Normalize are significantly improved. Vocal Remover now includes plus GVerb on Windows and Mac. VAMP analysis plug-ins are now supported
  • Improved labeling of tracks with Sync-Lock Tracks feature in the Tracks menu
  • Audacity now supports multiple clips per track. Tracks and selections can be fully manipulated using keyboard hotkeys. Many more keyboard shortcuts
  • New Device Toolbar to manage input and output devices. Timer Record feature and new Mixer Board view with per-track VU meters included
  • Automatic Crash Recovery in the event of abnormal program termination
  • Fast “On-Demand” import of WAV/AIFF files if read directly from source
  • FLAC format is now now fully supported. Moreover, added support for optional FFmpeg library for importing and exporting AC3/M4A/WMA and extracting audio from video files

The complete documentation on release notes can be found here. Audacity is both feature-rich and flexible to cater the needs of a large user base. It keeps the work space uncluttered by relegating most functions, like effects, editing, generate and analyze, in easily accessible drop down menus.

Download Audacity 2.0

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