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Audials Light Is A Stunning, Skinnable Media Center With Radio, Music TV Streaming & More

Radio apps are available in all shapes and sizes on all major desktop and mobile platforms including Windows, OS X, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.  If you have been on the hunt for one that also lets you listen to podcasts and the music stored on your hard drive, try Audials Light. On the surface, it looks just like any other radio app that allows streaming a plethora of online stations, but deep down, you will find some really great features in addition to just that. For instance, it allows you to stream music TV channels, find and subscribe podcasts, search and stream music of your favorite artists, access your local music library and on top of that, it bundles it all in a great-looking UI.

The default black leather-inspired skin of the app looks pretty good. The left pane lets you move through the different sections of the app under ‘Music and more’, ‘Video downloader’ and ‘Media Center’ sections. Music and more contains pretty much all things music, and lets you stream it from wherever you can using the provided set of options i.e. radio, podcasts and television. The radio section, for instance, houses a wide variety of stations including foreign and those from your local vicinity. To the far right, you will find the playback area, which displays the current track information along with the playback controls. The application also lets you curate playlists.


My next stop during the testing was Music search under Video downloader, and this feature also seemed pretty cool. It lets you stream music by name, genre, artist or album over popular video streaming services such as YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo. The streaming quality was up to the mark and Audials Light loaded the requested results almost instantly.

Audials Light Search

The Media Center side of the application is also pretty feature-rich. You can bring your music and videos saved on internal drive, cloud, smartphone or LAN all in one place. The provided import/export options related to each action work quite really well. Although I won’t recommend Audials Light to hardcore audiophiles for their local collections, as it lacks many features of the likes of MediaMonkey or iTunes, still, it’s a nice alternative if you mainly want to stream online music.

Audials Light

The last (and definitely not the least) interesting bit of the application is its awesome theming support. Even though the default skin looks great on its own, the application offers many other absolutely stunning choices via clicking the minuscule button at the top-right. Along with skins, you may also specify the font size for the text.


By signing into your Audials free account from within its interface, you’ll get access to a few additional perks like saving wishlists, participating in forums, and synching your music across multiple devices. Audials Light is a free application that works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Download Audials Light

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  1. I have tried Audial and I’m very impressed with the UI. It looks very nice. The skins that come with it all look great. The radio and podcast features are very good, but the music or video are quite terrible. Making a playlist is quite pointlessly bothersome. You can’t just drag and drop musics from folder. I wouldn’t recommend using it as your media center, but if you’re looking for a nice-looking program for listening to podcast and radio, I strongly recommend Audials light

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