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Aura Now Uses IE9 Active Tab Color To Change Windows Aero Glass Color

A while back we talked about one Windows 8 Aero specific feature which will automatically change the Aero Glass color effect according to current desktop wallpaper and reviewed Aura to bring this very same functionality to Windows 7. Recently, the developer of Aura has updated the application to add one brilliant Internet Explorer 9 related feature. Aura beta 3, which is totally clean from bugs we encountered in previous beta version, now dynamically changes Windows 7 Aero Glass color effect by matching the color shades with currently opened tab in Internet Explorer 9. The good part is that Aura now works without any problems and still holds options to get Aero color from wallpaper and from active window icon. Take a look at some visuals and watch a demo video of Aura beta 3 after the jump.

aura updated 1

Once you’ve downloaded Aura. Unpack the contents and run the executable file. It will sit in system tray. Now, right-click its icon and choose Options to enable newly added IE 9 option – Use Internet Explorer 9 active bar color. Once enabled, close the application and make sure it is not running in the background. Now launch Internet Explorer 9 and run the Aura executable again. You will notice that Windows Aero Glass color shade will automatically change according to currently opened IE 9 tab. The following screenshots show Aura changing Windows Aero color shades according to IE 9 tab color.


Greenshot 1

Greenshot 3

Below you can watch a short demonstration video.

Aura requires a minimum of .Net framework 3.5 to run.

Download Aura

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