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Auto Update To Google DNS

Some users have reported an increase in browsing speed after switching to Google DNS. The usual method of switching the DNS to Google DNS is to change the Primary and Secondary Server IP. If your ISP has provided any other DNS it is recommended to back it up and this is exactly where the problem arises.

Users are frustrated to backup the previous DNS in a text file and manually enter the new DNS. Also it is tiring if you want to occasionally switch between the ISP DNS and the Google DNS. Entering the DNS is too time consuming, right? For folks like you there is a free little utility called Google DNS Helper.

It automatically makes a backup of your current DNS servers and switches to the new Google DNS. Hit Restore DNS button to switch back to your old DNS. It is that simple.

Google DNS Helper

After giving it a shot, I realized the potential of this simple portable app. It works brilliantly and can change the DNS server even if you are using a wireless router, a great help for those who consider this procedure difficult.

Download Google DNS Helper

Since it is a portable tool it works on all versions of Windows including, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of OS are supported. Enjoy!


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