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How to automatically copy/paste selected text on Windows 10

On Windows 10, if you want to copy text, you have to first select it. You can then use the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut to copy it to the clipboard or you can right-click the text and select the ‘Copy’ option in the context menu. It’s not difficult until you have to copy quite a bit of text.

If you want to simplify the process, check out True X-Mouse Gizmo. It allows you to copy and paste text with mouse gestures. It’s a very intelligent app that understands that if you’ve selected text,  you likely want to copy it and it does that for you. You don’t need to tap or click anything. It pastes text similarly. Here’s how it works.

Automatically copy/paste selected text

Download and run True X-Mouse Gizmo. It’s a portable app so you can run it from any folder of your choice. It will run in the system tray.

Copying text

Open any app that supports text you can copy e.g., a browser, a document, or an email client. Select text. That’s all you need to do. True X-Mouse will copy the selected text for you. It will replace whatever has been copied to the clipboard.

Paste text

When you paste text, you have one of two scenarios; you want to paste it in an empty part of a file or you want to paste it over text. True X-Mouse Gizmo can automate both scenarios. To simply paste the text in an empty part of a document/file, click inside the file where you want to paste the text, and then middle-click with the mouse or trackpad. The text will be pasted.

Te paste text such that it replaces another text snippet, go ahead and select the snippet and again, execute a middle-mouse click. This time, True X-Mouse Gizmo won’t copy the newly selected text. It applies logic that if you selected text before, you did it because you wanted to copy it. If, without replacing the text on the clipboard, you go and select more text, it is very possible that you want to replace it with the text you copied to your clipboard which is why it doesn’t copy it.

Of course, there will be exceptions to the above. In that case, you can use the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut to copy new text that you’ve selected and that True X-Mouse Gizmo is likely to treat as text that you will be replacing.

It sounds a bit complicated but once you start using the app to copy and paste text, you will quickly get used to how it works.

The app has one shortcoming; so long as it’s working you won’t be able to use the middle-click for anything e.g., closing browser tabs or closing app windows. This app only works for text and not for files.

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