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Backup And Restore Your Browser Settings With FavBackup

If you are looking for some good tool to backup your browser settings then your search should end with the FavBackup utility. It is a free backup and restore utility which lets you backup and restore your browser’s settings quickly. It supports almost all popular browsers like IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Chrome. The interesting fact is that from now on you won’t need a separate backup utility for each browser.

It is very straight-forward tool, since it is portable, no installation is required, just download and run it. Choose your browser and desired action (Backup, Backup (safe), Restore, Restore (safe), Convert) in the main window.


Click Next and choose what you want to backup and the backup location.


It will backup the settings according to your selected options, click Finish to complete the backup process.


Thats all, you can also restore your previous browser settings without any hassle. Enjoy!


  1. New to having a PC I downloaded what seemed a good google idea but lost the explorer internet toolbar and favorites. How can I restore these FIRST then back-up? Thank-you.

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