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Backup MySQL Database To Local Server

MySQL Backup Tool is an open-ource application built to backup the MySQL database. Unlike other MySQL DB retrieving application, it has a snappy interface and much easier to use. What makes it a stand-out app among the list, is the ability to back-up databases in different structures and provides security option over the backed up data to mitigate the probable of vulnerability and eventually makes database more resilient from any unauthenticated use.

To get more acquaint with it, launch MySQL Backup Tool, enter required DB credentials, along with the name of server on which DB is residing (either localhost or web-DB host). Specify location for DB backup directory, you can also change the mysqldump file location, but by default it is residing in the install folder (we would reckon not to change it). It also enables user to add black-list of the databases to exclude them from the backup process.

backup SQL

To configure MySQL Back-up Tools settings, you can choose options from Backup method and Insert method respectively. If you want to prevent backed-up DB from any unauthorized use, enable Password protected option to secure the DB by providing passphrase.

Click Save Settings, for saving the entered credentials and settings you have configured. Click Create Backup to start creating backup in a specified folder.

start backup

It will backup database in .sql format which is universally accessible and convertible, and supports SQL 5.1 or later versions database for creating backups.

Download MySQL Backup Tool

It runs on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


  1. Hi,

    Thank you for your review on this tool.

    The program has been upgraded to a new version, with the option to choose between black- and whitelist and an easy to select database checklists.
    Besides that, it now also has a update notification system.
    Kind regards,

    (The developer of this tool)

  2. Hey – this is pretty cool. Do you know if it supports a command-line interface? I ask because my company (http://www.unitrends.com) does heterogeneous backup and has a pretty flexible command line interface for a bunch of operating systems – so I'm wondering if it's possible to use their appliance with this tool.

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