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Backup To GDrive Or Google Docs, Whatever You Want To Call It

Google has just announced that users can now upload files of any type to Google Docs, taking it one step closer to the much hyped GDrive. Vijay Bangaru, product manager of Google Docs, has stated that GDrive doesn’t exist but he didn’t say that Google has no plans to launch it in future.

What makes us think that GDrive is indeed coming and uploading any sort of file to Google Docs is the first step in that direction? Earlier in January, Brian Ussery found out an interesting reference to GDrive in a file used by Google Pack which was supposed to be send out to translators. Recently in the official announcement you can see Peter Harbison(a Google employee) replying to a comment saying, “the storage is shared between Picasa Web Albums, Gmail, and Google Docs”.

Microsoft is trying hard to make Windows Live Skydrive a central destination for storage and the integration with Office 2010 and Windows Mobile proves it. Google can obviously not afford to lose the limelight and could announce GDrive before June.

Whether you love to call it GDrive or Google Docs, with Gladinet you can quickly map it as network drive in Windows and then backup the files instantly. The procedure is similar to that of Live Skydrive and Azure Blob, just select Google Docs in Add Storage to Virtual Drive window and then finally login using your Google credentials. It’s that simple.

Don’t forget to have a look at our infamous “5 Ways To Upload Files To Google Docs” post. You can upload file up to 250MB in size and the total free storage is 1GB. To buy additional storage have a look at the plans on the Storage page.


  1. There is another Backup Utility for Google Docs that works really great..



    The main features are :
    • Administrators can backup a single user or the entire domain user’s documents to local directory.
    • Synchronize local with remote versions
    • Download latest version of documents to save bandwidth.
    • Multiple download formats are available, including Adobe Acrobat Reader(PDF), MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Open office etc
    • Schedule as an automated task for recurring backup
    • Easy GUI backup wizard
    • Authentication Support: OAuth

    Cheers !

  2. There is a new software that has a free version for consumers (not free for business use) which automatically synchronizes with Google Docs and documents can be edited offline with MS Office or Open Office. It is also a complete document management tool for the PC. Take a look at

  3. Is there any chance that Google catches you and block your hole Google Account. I mean, does google allow anyone to map Google Docs to your computer ?

    • Google has an API which makes it possible. Unless they don't allow it, Gladinet won't be able to map Google Docs to computer.

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