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Bamboo: Synchronize Folders, Backup Data, Merge & Tidy Up Folder Pairs

Making backups of important files and folders always helps when the computer suddenly crashes, or when the original data gets corrupted. Although data recovery utilities are capable of recovering lost files, they often fail to restore the compete structure of files, leaving users with no other option than to manually repair recovered files. Last year, we covered Backup Folder Sync, an application for Windows that mirrors selected folders and allows creating backups on any local location, external drive, USB stick, and network mapped drive, and recently, we featured AngryFile, a Dropbox-like file sharing and backup utility that lets you store important files on the cloud. Today, we came across another data backup application called Bamboo, which not only lets you synchronize files & folders, backup data at specified target locations, but also clean, merge and consolidate data from two folders of your choice.

It comes packed with 3 basic working modes: Synchronize, Backup, and Merge & Tidy Up. The Synchronize feature lets you keep a pair of folders in sync, while Backup enables you make a backup of any folder. The Merge and Tidy Up mode allows you to merge the folders and consolidates their structure. A wizard guides you through the process of backing up the data. When you start the application, it asks you to select the mode – Synchronize, Backup or Merge & Tidy Up.

Bamboo File Sync and Backup Folder Pair Wizard

All the steps of selected mode can be easily performed by following the wizard. For instance, If you choose Backup, it will ask you to specify the source and destination folders. You also have the option to add filters to include only Music, Pictures, Office Documents or Videos in the backup task, and exclude all unrelated filess.

Bamboo File Sync and Backup Folder Pair Wizard 3

The next step lets you configure backup task behavior, such as Delete extra files and Skip identical files in destination folder while making backup(s).

Bamboo File Sync and Backup Folder Pair Wizard 4

The last step requires you to choose a name for the new backup folder. Enter an appropriate name and click Finish.

Bamboo File Sync and Backup Folder Pair Wizard 5

When the wizard is completed, you can choose to run the backup task, execute it with or without configured options, and edit advanced options.

Bamboo File Sync and Backup Folder Pair Wizard 6

The Merge and Tidy Up mode provides you with different options to perform operations based on the files present in location 1 and location 2. You can choose to execute Move or Copy functions in different situations, such as when File or Folder exists only in location 1, location 2 or at both locations.

Each backup operation is saved as a job, and can be accessed from Bamboo Sync Center. Right-clicking the jobs reveals additional options to run the backup job with advance options, view run history, create new batch using selected folder’s pair and copy as new folder pair.

Bamboo Sync Center_2012-04-17_13-32-05

The free version has a limitation of 500 files per Job (Folder Pair) and a total of 5 Folder Pairs. Single & Double License for pro versions are available for $39.95 and $49.95 respectively. The application works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Bamboo Sync Center

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  1. Looks a lot like Microsoft’s SyncToy, just with a fancy skin and a price tag. Doesn’t look like it has enough features to make it worth that much money, and SyncToy is free, with no limits.

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