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BatchBlitz Is An Advanced Batch Image Converter & Editor

BatchBlitz is an advanced batch image converter which is built for users who deal with thousands of images on regular basis and need to perform multiple type of batch operations in one-go. The application comes with an advanced image editor as well. The best part is that it offers a list of features with detailed options to cater demands from each level of user.

It is recommended to start off with editing/conversion operations after saving the task (in its native format BBT). The main interface offers an extensive file explorer, you’ll see a Folders navigation bar at the center flank to navigate through different locations. Select the folder from navigation bar and drag the images into Source Images section present at the bottom of window.


From the left bar, you can move to Output, Actions, and Preview window. Each window offers respective features and options. Under Output window, output format can be selected. From Actions, you can enable/disable different actions to be performed over the specified image set. It offers list of actions, each having further details. You can Filter files, Add text, Set auto contrast, Colorize, Resize, Rotate, Desaturate, Specify output format, and assign rename pre & post fixes. Double-clicking the action will open its respective dialog to specify details. Once you’ve specified all the desired actions, click Start button to begin the process in question.

Program Manager

The image editor can be accessed from the toolbar. It comes with huge array of features and options for modifying images. You can apply color corrections along with multitude of effects ranging from blur, image sharpening, to defining image levels and curves, etc.

image viewer1

The application also serves the basic need of filtering images, you can pick out highly rated images and categorize them in different groups. It has a build-in regular expression tool to let you easily test regular expressions, list matches, etc. It runs on all Windows based OS, testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download BatchBlitz

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