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Biggest Flaw In ‘Hide Folder Apps’ – Thousands At Risk

Wow! Just Wow! After happily using Free Hide Folder app for the past couple of months, I accidentally found the biggest flaw in it, “It doesn’t hide the files and folders from anyone”.  Before I explain how I found the flaw, let me first warn you that if you are looking to actually hide your folders from everyone(including hackers or simple computer geeks) then never use apps that promise to hide your folders in the first place. What these apps generally do is to simply hide the folders so that they cannot be viewed by ordinary people, but beware it can indeed be viewed in every other possible way.

So what should you use to protect your data? Encryption software is the only choice, there are plenty of free ones available. Even Windows 7 comes with Bitlocker Drive Encyption tool that helps prevent data theft.

So What Really happened?

Here is the complete story. I used Free Hide Folder to protect some important documents and files that I didn’t want others to see, but as it happened anybody could access it easily. My hosting contract was expiring for my old website(which I don’t run anymore), so I prepared to make a backup of all website-related files present in the shared server.

Now here is what gave me a SHOCK.

The hosting provider had a build-in FTP tool called ‘Unlimited FTP’, which I used to backup my files. When I navigated to my main drive, I saw something unusual, there it was lying the hidden folder that I hid using the above mentioned tool. I thought it might be empty since most apps show a fake empty folder, but to my amazement all my files were inside available for anyone to grab it.

I immediately opened the app to confirm if the folder was really hidden, and YES it was hidden. But wait, how could it be hidden when the web based FTP can detect it easily. Either the ‘Unlimited FTP’ is way too powerful or the ‘Free Hide Folder’ app is seriously flawed, I expect the latter.

hidden files can be viewed

I went back to the hosting control panel to find this written under Unlimited FTP button, “Unlimited FTP is a Java Applet FTP Client to browse, manipulate, and transfer files between your local hard drive on your computer and the server.”.

“SO why am i worried about this app, just use another app”, you say

Go ahead and do a Google search on ‘hide folder’, the first result you will see will be of Free Hide Folder. Thousands if not millions of people are at security risk all because they are using this app. As long as the developer does not come up with with a solution, I will recommend everyone to stay away from this app. In the end I would say, ”Always prepare for the worse”. Do have some similar story to share or just another opinion, feel free to leave a comment.

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  • Vadim P.

    mmm… I never even through someone actually made such a program. Of course the data is still there and accessible.

    If you want to hide something, encrypt it.

    • Well my mistake was that I thought it might encrypt my files too, but I was wrong…. very wrong.

  • aaron

    This is yet more evidence of the New World Order’s plans to control and restrict the internet as they implement their one world government. They intend to create an internet 2, whereby they can insert spyware into the major operating systems and programs, google is now part of the new world order and has already started censoring free speech, youtube filtering is happening. Why do you think stores pushed Nortons on every customer that walked through the door? It’s becuse there’s spyware in there. These free security apps often are released by the same bunch of crooks and either have back doors or just plain don’t work, and by the same principles as the entertainment industry releasing fake bittorrents to put people off filesharing movies, these apps are intended to spy on people or put them off freeware so people will by the spyware laden major brands.

    • aaron

      “these apps are intended to spy on people or put them off freeware so people will by the spyware laden major brands.” it should read “these apps are intended to make people’s systems vulnerable or put them off freeware so people will by the spyware laden major brands.

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