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Change Font Settings Before Converting Text Files (Log, HTML, TXT) Into PDF Format

There are many tools available out there which allows you to convert text documents into PDF format, but what if you need to change the font family, size and font color before converting a document into PDF format? Batch Text To PDF is a PDF batch conversion utility which supports a wide range of plain text file formats, including, TXT, LOG, C, H (header file), CPP, CXX, JAVA, ASP, ASPX, HTML, JS, CSS, RB  and PY. Moreover, you can change the font related options, including, font size, font color and font family prior to converting text documents into PDF format.  The application claims to convert a large number of text documents in one-go. 

First plain text files have to be added. You can manually add files from different locations, insert folder containing supported plain text documents, or simply drag & drop text files over the main interface. Once the list is populated with files, change the font specific options present in the ribbon. Now specify the output location of converted files followed by a click on Start Converting to begin the process.

batch convert

After the conversion process is finished, a message window will pop-up over system notification area, showing conversion results with errors.


Now open the target directory to verify each converted file for specified font settings.

converted 1

Since it is in beta testing phase, you might run on some interface related glitches. As far as primary functionality is concerned, it works as indented.

Download Batch Text To PDF

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