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clipShow – Windows 7 Media Center Plugin To Watch Videos In Slideshow View & More

clipShow is a plugin for Windows 7 Media Center that allows user to watch video in a slideshow fashion. It has a build-in feature called “Clip” that plays random video clips at 45sec, 90sec, and 2 minutes intervals, depending on your settings.

clipShow Windows 7 Media Center

But the functionalities doesn’t end here. It integrates with Windows 7 Home Server and HomeGroup, which means that videos found in Windows 7 HomeGroup will also be included and you can view & create playlists from media stored in Windows Home Server.

The most impressive feature is the timeline view which organizes your videos by year(date) regardless of the fact where they are stored. Other great features are quick filtering and quick playlist creation – the former allows you to filter the results by a certain criteria and also by Year or Month, while the later allows you to create a playlist based on year, month, or search criteria. You can save the playlist as an ASX playlist file which can be played within the Media Center Shell.

It supports all formats that Windows 7 supports, don’t forget to add support for MKV format as well. Xbox users will love the extender support, since it is capable of working with all current Windows 7 Media Center Extenders, also including LinkSys and HP.

Download clipShow

This plugin has been developed exclusively for Windows 7 Media Center, so it will only work on Windows 7. Installers for both 32-bit and 64-bit OS are given. Enjoy!

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